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4 Key Questions to Ask About Your Website

The internet seems to be more and more ubiquitous. Mobile phones, wearable devices (Google Glass), and even Google’s self-driving cars are now part of the new age of technology connecting us to the internet. For consumers, this is creating new expectations to do everything online in real time. If they can’t complete a transaction online with a business they will go somewhere else. Your business has to be available and accessible to do more business night and day.

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Best Laser Tag Reservation Software

Wake up to reservations in your inbox!

PlaceFull’s laser tag reservation software makes it easy to accept reservations in real time on your website and even your Facebook page. The convenience is two-sided – you get reservations at night when your business is closed, and your customers can book anytime. You’ll be surprised by how many people search and make reservations late in the evening. In fact, over 30% of reservations occur after 6:00pm, with the peak reservation time being at 9:00pm.

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7 Halloween Activities Created By Pottery Studios

Days are getting a little shorter and the morning breeze is getting a little crisper. Leaves are changing colors. Companies are starting to add a little spook to their offices. Grocery stores are selling even larger variety packs of candy. Your Facebook newsfeed is stuffed pumpkins. Kids are starting to obsess about costumes. And of course, Starbucks is selling their traditional Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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How 5 Studio Owners Brushed Their Fears Away

It began with a ring…

Over a year ago, PlaceFull received a call from a studio (we’ll keep the name confidential – let’s call them Ace Pottery Studio) that was interested in offering their customers the convenience of booking parties and events online. Ace Pottery Studio not only wanted to reduce staff hours spent on the phone during the day, but they also wanted a way to make additional revenue after normal business hours. They wanted to be open 24/7! They turned to PlaceFull for help.

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