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Coming Soon: New Changes to PlaceFull!

PlaceFull is getting a makeover!  We made the six below changes to make it easier to manage your bookings and you’ll see them in your dashboard early Friday morning. If you still have questions, please sign up for the webinar at the bottom of this post.

1. You will now have a 3 day agenda

This feature was requested in the survey we sent out a couple weeks ago. We tried to solve for the question “what bookings do I have today?” Below, you will notice a high-level view of your three-day schedule. Click on the booking to see more information.

new 3 day agenda

 Tip: You’ll also notice the navigation is now at the top of your dashboard.

2.  The “Point of Sale” system will be moved

If you use the PlaceFull point of sale system, keep reading. The two places you can locate this are highlighted with the red arrows below. The actual process of running a point of sale booking remains the same.

new point of sale

Tip: We updated the the placement of the booking analytics

3. New “Preview All” button under listings tab

We created a dedicated landing page for all of our merchants. Click on the “Preview All” button to see your customized page! Don’t hesitate to promote this page across your social media channels.

new preview all listings

4.  The direct marketing feature will be in a new location 

This feature used to be at the bottom of the dashboard. Log in to your account and click the drop down in the top right corner of the dashboard. You can still easily send an email to customer who booked a specific listing and export all your booking data.

new marketing tab

 Tip: We recently published a post on our new listing editor

5. New appointment style booking

The listing process is still the same. The major difference is that the customer doesn’t have to enter their credit card information at checkout. Instead, they are just scheduling a time/date and then pay on the day of the appointment.

appointment listing

6. Minor changes to the calendar

We removed some clutter from the calendar so ti’s easier to manage. We did move the “Block Off” feature if you want to block off an unavailable time so customers can’t book it. See the screenshot below. You will still have the ability to click on a day to create an unavailable time.

new calendar changes

We hope all these changes make it easier to create new listings and manage your business. If you would like to learn more about the changes, save your seat for one of our upcoming webinars.

Monday, April 28th From 8:30-9am (PST)


Wednesday, April 30th From 1:00-1:30pm (PST)



As always if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 206-624-0296 or email us. Happy Bookings!

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Announcing the NEW PlaceFull Listing Editor

Our development team is always working tirelessly to build new features to make our product more sophisticated AND easier to edit listings. Did you know the average merchant has built 5 listings? It’s not surprising these merchants receive more online bookings than those that only create one or two. We have received a lot of great feedback from our merchants that editing listings was way too complex. The three common responses we heard were: (1) it takes too long and I’m super busy, (2) I can’t find the right section to edit, (3) Once I make the changes, I can’t easily see what my customers will see.

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booking promotion

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Winners of 12th Man Promotion

Congratulations to all of our 12th Man Promotion Winners! Many merchants were so close coming in at 11 bookings for the month of February. Sorry it was a a short month, unfortunately we have very little say what month the Super Bowl should be in. Ironically, we had 12 winners! Thanks to those companies that participated, we enjoyed the extended celebration. Just maybe your city will win the Super Bowl next year, just maybe…

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amazing art studio

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Amazing Art Studio – A Case Study

Amazing Art Studio has the largest locally owned do-it-yourself art studio in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Join them to paint pottery, create mosaics, fuse glass, and paint canvases. They are ideal for events like birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, scouting events, team building and just a little art therapy. 

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When do Parents Book Summer Camps? | PlaceFull

Parents start booking summer camps on April 1 at 10:12 am (PST). April Fools! Obviously I’m kidding. The procrastinators will plan last minute as usual and the planners will start thinking about summer camps as early as the second week of January. Yes, that was not a typo.

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Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.51.38 AM

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Schedule an Appointment Using PlaceFull

The listing process is very much the same as a traditional PlaceFull listing. The major difference is that the customer doesn’t have to enter their credit card information at checkout, rather they pay on the day of the event. Basically, the customer is just scheduling a day and time. Just to clarify, the word appointment is used interchangeably with reservation in this “How To”. Several merchants have informed us that this feature would be beneficial when they are worried about attendance rates.  For example, you may need 10 kids to register for a camp before it runs. If you are not worried about attendance, we recommend charging your customers to decrease cancellation rates. If you are having trouble grasping this concept, think Opentable, but for kids activities.

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