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Ultimate Guide to Indoor Birthday Parties

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“Children need 60 minutes of play with moderate to vigorous activity every day to grow up to a healthy weight.” Let’s Move! Program

With the weather getting cold and the rain starting to fall, it’s time to start figuring out how you’re going to let your kids work out all their energy without tearing your house apart or ruining their shoes in the mud. Here at PlaceFull we have TONS of great places that will keep your kids active, dry, engaged, and happy through the long, wet Northwest rainy season.

Cool weather also means that birthday parties need to move indoors but just because that takes pony rides off the table (ponies shouldn’t be on tables in the first place, very dangerous) it doesn’t mean that the party stops moving! Discover some incredible spaces for rockin’, active, indoor birthday parties in the Puget Sound area.

Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls

If your kids were scaling the couch before they could even walk then you’ve got a rock-climber on your hands. Channel that vertical energy into a lifelong hobby and sport with a climbing package at Vertical World in Seattle and Redmond or Edgeworks in Tacoma. With climbing professionals and all the safety equipment you could shake a stick at, your kids will be on their way to great new heights!

Paintball and Laser Tag

Lasertag and Paintball

When 11 inch GI Joe action figures cease to be enough, it’s time to get your kid into the game. With a variety of Paintball and Laser Tag options in the area your little warrior can pew-pew-pew of splat their way to an incredible day filled with heart-pounding fun, brain-expanding strategizing, and sore muscles that will prove how hard they worked their bodies!

Bowling Alleys

 Bowling Alley

Where else are you going to find the clatter, the bang, and the nachos dripping in cheese sauce other than a bowling birthday party? The perfect place for a group of rowdy kids and parents in need of pitcher of beer, PlaceFull has bowling alleys all over the Puget Sound, just waiting to help you celebrate, including Tech City Bowl in Kirkland, Spin Alley in Shoreline, West Seattle Bowl, Lynnwood Lanes, and Roxbury Lanes in West Seattle,

Martial Arts

Martial Arts
Martial arts is the ultimate mind and body sport for kids. They’ll learn how to defend themselves while understanding other life lessons such as patience, mental and physical strength, courage, focus, and even kindness. (Their peers and opponents must always be treated with respect—or else it’s pushups for them!)


When your kids are bouncing off the walls, why not give them something more constructive to bounce off? Enter Skymania Trampolines to the rescue! With a variety of packages to suit groups from 2-70 guests there’s something for everyone including regular jumping, trampoline dodgeball, and even off-season wakeboarding practice!

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