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Rockin’ Birthday Add-Ons to Kick Your Kid’s Birthday into High Gear

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Sure, you can throw your kid’s birthday party and have the same old piñata, same old game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, same old tray of soggy sandwiches. OR you could kick your kid’s party into high-gear, take it to a level beyond the ordinary and make it such an epic party that the classroom is buzzing for weeks and the other Moms are positively green with envy.

Bring in Entertainment!

ClownParties are more fun when there’s something to watch. Every city has a community of performing artists that are thrilled to perform for a birthday party. Magicians, Clowns, Hypnotists, Live Bands, Acrobats, Jugglers, String Quartets, are all eager for gigs. And, once you start looking, you’ll see the options for entertainment EVERYWHERE!

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Feed those guests!Sushi from Benihana

Of course you’re going to have cake, it’s a BIRTHDAY party for pete’s sake! But what about all the other food. We’re not saying you have to have a full buffet or a sit-down meal, but going beyond the standard tray of veggies and bowl of M&Ms will take your kid’s party from ho-hum to oh my! Consider some out-of-the-ordinary options like a baked potato bar, build-your-own-burrito, or platters of fresh, delicious sushi!

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Little extras make a BIG difference!

From thoughtfully planned favor bags to on-theme decorations, it’s the little things that count in making a birthday party really pop. Don’t skimp on adding plenty of theming, picking out the perfect soundtrack, and other little extras to fully immerse your guests the party experience. Perhaps most importantly, ask for your kid’s input! It’s their party, let their wishes take center stage!

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Big extras make a BIG difference too!

When you’re ready to pull out ALL the stops for a party that will have tongues wagging go for the gold by bringing in luxury. Transport your birthday kid and their guests in a luxe limo or rent a photobooth to give guests lasting memories of your swank shindig. Or have an amazing bouncey-house delivered for some high-energy partying. Milestone birthdays are perfect for this kind of over-the-top partying so bring on the fun!

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