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11 Team Building Events to Motivate Your Office

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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Sometimes you need to bust your team out of their routines and get them out into to the world to work together, have fun, and get to know each other as people, not just co-workers. Here at PlaceFull, we have an incredible selection of packages that are PERFECT for all of your teambuilding and morale events. Here are few of our favorites: 

Stray Boots Seattle Scavenger Hunt


Make office outings actually fun with Stray Boots’ Corporate Events! Your group will divide into teams and compete for office bragging rights by completing fun challenges, solving riddles, taking silly photos and more…all through their own cell phones! Get your team to stretch their legs and their minds while learning about local history and working together to be the champions. This Seattle Scavenger Hunt is a perfect morale event!

French Cooking Course and Meeting Space


Ask any manager who has hosted a teambuilding cooking class and you’ll hear that it was the best morale event they’ve ever had.  At Auberge Edge of Seattle Cooking School you get the satisfaction of creating a complete gourmet meal with your team but you get to EAT it too! These team building cooking classes are designed to enhance group communication, encourage teamwork, increase trust and nurture the development of friendships outside of the working environment.

The Spot Off Main

spot off main

With pool tables, a big-screen TV, and plenty of delicious food and drinks, The Spot is a great place for your next teambuilding or morale event. Challenge Gary to a game of pool or Anu to a round of darts. Your food and beverage minimums are rolled into the rental fee which means that your team’s afternoon here is virtually FREE!

Painting and Sipping at Arts n’ Carafes

arts n carafes

In a relaxed, social setting, your group will be guided through replicating the afternoon’s featured painting and be treated to a glass of wine (or non-alcoholic beverage) and appetizers while you paint. Everyone gets to take home their creation and the camaraderie and laughter that accompany this group painting class will surely follow you back to the office.

Adrenaline Sports Laser Tag IN YOUR OFFICE

laser tag

Adrenaline Sports is a mobile entertainment company providing laser tag and dodgeball to Western Washington. They’ll bring all the gear, set it all up, and facilitate the games. Get ready for a day of inter-office competition and team work as you dodge around inflatable bunker while you play laser tag or dodgeball in your own office building!

Bunnies to You


After being trapped in cubicles and working under fluorescent lighting just imagine the looks of delight on your team’s faces when you unveil the coup de gras at your next teambuilding event. Bunnies. A whole truckload of ’em! Bunnies to You will bring up to 30 adorable, fluffy bunnies to your office or meeting space to provide a welcome respite from talking heads and PowerPoint presentations. They’ll bring along a fenced area with a canopy, food for the bunnies, blankets and baskets, and a hand sanitizer station.

Aerial Arts Class at Versatile Arts

versatile arts

Aerialists weren’t born 12 feet in the air dangling from brightly colored fabrics; they were taught how to do it and your team can learn too! Your group will have an incredible day learning feats of acrobatic excellence and working together to create your own choreographed routines to share with one another. But just remember, this is an intense workout so prepare for some sore muscles the next day!

Bellevue Challenge Course

challenge course

Put your team to the ultimate challenge with the Bellevue Challenge Course. High above the ground and relying on one another to get them from point a to point b, your group will be working together in new and exciting ways building trust, friendship, and group cohesion. You’ll go home refreshed and with more self-confidence.

Jump Planet 

jump planet

If you thought that bouncey houses were just for kids you are WRONG! Unleash your team’s inner child with an hour, or more, of incredible bouncing at Bothell’s Jump Planet. Challenge each other to race through the obstacle courses, slide down the giant slides, and play a rousing game of bouncy basketball. An office outing has never been so “uplifting”!

Isenhower Cellars Tasting Party


When the day has dragged on just a little too long and your team has that glazed look in their eyes there’s nothing that fortifies the soul like a glass of wine. Or four. Take your group to Isenhower Cellars for a wine tasting! Your group of up to 18 will enjoy a sampling from some of Isenhower Cellar’s finest vintages. The Isenhowers will spend time explaining the wines, helping you with tasting and maybe even give you a “behind the scenes” tour of our facilities.

Edgeworks Indoor Rock Climbing


Edgeworks focuses on teambuilding through motivation, cooperation and trust, using both climbing and non-climbing activities. They use proven confidence and trust building activities along with team oriented climbing instruction and breakout sessions to provide an experience your group will not forget. This is indoor rock climbing at its finest!

Autumn Sakai is PlaceFull’s Mistress of the Blog. She’s a true Seattle native who runs in the rain, takes her kid to to the zoo in the rain, and waits for the bus in the rain. When it’s sunny she slathers on sunscreen and waits for the rain to come back. She loves a good wedding, bakes wicked awesome cookies, and secretly knows all the lyrics to ‘Yentl’. What? Don’t judge.

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