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11+ Fun Bridal Shower Games and Activities


If you’re an American woman over the age of 20, chances are you’ve been to a bridal shower or two. Heck, maybe you’ve been to lots and lots of showers. One thing they all have in common is bridal shower games; fun, often silly, little games to help the guests relax, get to know one another, and have a few laughs. But, look, there’s only so many different ways you can play “Toilet Paper Wedding Dress” before it gets old.

It’s time for some new, fun, and even a little daring games and activities for you and your guests to play at the next wedding shower you host.


purse.raidPurse Raid

This is the purse-version of a scavenger hunt! In advance, make a list of items that are commonly in purses (kleenex, lipstick, wallet, car keys, etc.) Start working your way toward more obscure or risqué  objects (dog treats, nail polish, Legos, condoms, handcuffs, etc). During the party the host calls out the names of each of the items. The guest with the most items from the list wins a prize!

Taste the Cakecake.tasting

Let them eat cake! Here’s your chance to put your tastebuds to the test with a Wedding Cake Challenge. This game requires two “hosts”. Set up a “cake bar” with bite-size  pieces of assorted cakes on separate plates with the flavors written down on an index card under each plate. One host blindfolds each participant and guides them through the line of cakes. The guests guess what the different flavors are and the other host writes down their guesses. Let them cleanse their palate with a sip of champagne in between bites. The guest with the most correct guesses wins!

lingerie.partyGuess Whose Underwear

This is a perfect game for a Lingerie-themed bridal shower! Each guest brings an unwrapped gift of lingerie for the bride that matches their own personality and style. Pull a clothesline across the room and have everyone hang their gift on the line as they arrive. The bride guesses who each lingerie gift is from and for each correct pairing of undies-to-guest that guest gets a small prize. At the end of the party the bride takes home her new lingerie wardrobe!

True or False?true.False

Think Balderdash for brides! Have each guest write down three facts or anecdotes about the bride – two are true, one is not. When everyone’s done, have the guests tell their stories or facts (while trying to keep a straight face) to rest of the group. Everyone writes down which stories or facts they think are the red-herrings. The one who identifies the most tall tales is the winner.

oven.mitts.pantyhoseOven Mitts n’ Hose

Get ready to laugh yourselves sick!

Give all the guests a pair of oven mitts and a pair of knee-high nylon hose. Have the bride act as referee and tell the group they must put on the the mitts and then race to be the first to pull up both knee-highs. Between the clumsy hands the laughing this task is almost impossible but if you want to up the ante even more, then make it pair of full on pantyhose!

What’s the Bride Wearing?whats.the.bride.wearing

This one is a classic but always a good time. Without telling the guests that they’ll be tested later on, start the shower as planned. Have some nibbles, and let everyone greet the bride. Have the bride leave the room and then hand out paper and pens and have them write down everything they can remember about what the bride is wearing and be as detailed as possible! After 5 minutes, bring the bride back in and then have each guest score their neighbor’s list (cuts down on the cheating!) as the host reads her master list. Those little details can be the tie-breakers! The guest with the most complete and accurate list wins a prize!

Toilet Paper on a Broomsticktoilet.paper.broomstick

Get out your cameras, Facebook is going to light up with pictures of this hilarious game!

Divide the guests into teams of four or five. Give each team a broomstick and instruct them to have one person stand against a wall and the hold the broomstick between their legs. Give the other team members rolls of toilet paper and then let the fun begin! The goal here is for each team member to cross the room with their roll of toilet paper squeezed between their legs and get it on their teammate’s pole without using their hands. If they drop their TP in transit, it’s back to the starting line! The first team with all their rolls of TP on their broomstick wins!

honeymoon.huntThe Honeymoon Hunt

This ain’t your grandmother’s scavenger hunt! Before the party, hide sexy, risque items all over the space where the party will be held. Include items like lacy panties, fuzzy handcuffs, salacious romance novels, adult “toys”, and more! You can choose to divide guests into teams or just let them “hunt” individually. Give everyone a list of the items and turn them loose! Whoever finds the most items wins a prize and the bride gets to take home the items on the list.

In a smaller space, increase the difficulty (and the fun!) by blindfolding the guests, clearing the area of breakables and knee-jammers, and have them feel around the room to find the objects. Chances are they’re going to get to know each other VERY well as they will inevitably end up feeling each other as much as the items they’re looking for!


Scrapbook for the Bridescrapbook

Ask guests to bring a few photos of themselves and the bride. Hand out pens and paper or set up a scrapbooking station and have guests write captions for the photos or create unique scrapbook pages. Place the photos in an album, and affix the captions underneath. Pass the album around for guests to look at.

Group Cooking Class

cooking.classAs couple starts their life together there are few skills more valuable than those in the kitchen. Learn how to saute, bake, roast, and whip up a fabulous meal that will be sure to impress the new hubbs, to say nothing of the new mother-in-law.

Make it a party with a group cooking class designed to encourage your best group of ladies to work together and have an blast. Not only will you all come away with new kitchen skills and recipes but you’ll laugh your way through a fun afternoon of teamwork.

Hire a Fortune Tellerfortune.teller

Take a peek into the future of the bride and groom, and all of the other guests, with a psychic! From tarot cards to palm reading, ESP to numerology, a psychic is sure to provide tons of entertainment bang for your buck.

Get Out and Do Something Active

Bridal showers don’t just have to be about sitting around clucking at each other! Take your girls to get out and be active with one of the awesome packages you can book on PlaceFull: Take over a Bowling Alley, take an Aerial Arts class together, go on a group hike, or learn how to blow glass!


 We found these incredibly fun games and activities on the following websites: The Knot, Beau Coup,, and good ol’ Martha Stewart


Autumn Sakai is PlaceFull’s Mistress of the Blog. She’s a true Seattle native who runs in the rain, takes her kid to to the zoo in the rain, and waits for the bus in the rain. When it’s sunny she slathers on sunscreen and waits for the rain to come back. She loves a good wedding, bakes wicked awesome cookies, and secretly knows all the lyrics to ‘Yentl’. What? Don’t judge.

2 thoughts on “11+ Fun Bridal Shower Games and Activities

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  2. Well after the last bridal shower I must say there are some awesome ideas for games. Particularly the idea of getting out and going to a bowling alley or learning how to blow glass would be quite fun. There are so many options but many girls just repeat what they have done in the past.

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