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11+ Baby Shower Games and Activities


I spend a fair amount of my life complaining about how little I like to go to baby showers. Which is pretty ridiculous considering that, in the grand scheme of things, I haven’t been to that many baby showers. But all it takes is two showers before it seems that you’ve exhausted the possibilities for amusing activities.

Once again, PlaceFull saves the day.

Here we present a collection of Baby Shower games and activities that are sure to get you and your guests laughing  and in a joyful mood to welcome the birth of a baby and the birth of a new mom!

Classic Baby Shower Games


Is this baby you?

Guess Who!

When sending out the invites for the shower be sure to include a request for your guests to bring a picture of themselves as a baby. As guests arrive assign each photo a number and display them on a strategically placed table or clipped to a clothesline. Guests try to match the baby photos with the other guests. The one with the most correct guesses is the winner!


Don’t say ‘baby’!

Don’t Say ‘Baby’

This is a classic baby shower game, and for good reason! It’s a great on-going icebreaker type game that often has the shyest of the group leaping across the room!

Give each guest a clothespin that they clip onto sleeves or hem with the instruction “Don’t say ‘Baby'”. If someone else catches them saying ‘baby’ they get to take the offender’s clothespin. At the end of the shower, the guest who has collected the most clothespins wins!


Was that sweet potatoes or carrots?

Baby Food Taste Test

Jarred baby food gets a bad rap, and rightly so! If you’ve ever taken the plunge and had a nibble of your baby’s “food” then you probably know that it all uniformly tastes blechy. Word to the uninitiated: blending your own baby food is super easy and WAY tastier and better for baby than the jarred stuff. But I digress. For this fun baby shower game get an assortment of jarred baby food, cover the labels and hand out baby spoons to the guests. Have everyone sample the goods and try to guess the flavors. The one with the most correct answers wins a prize but, take it from me, good luck discerning the difference between peas and green beans.  


Bigger than you think.

How Big Around?

Spatial awareness can be tricky! During the shower, pass around spools of ribbon and a pair of scissors. Have each guest snip off the amount of ribbon they think it will take t get all the way around the mom-to-be’s belly. Everyone takes turns showing off their guesstimating skills by wrapping their ribbon around mom’s tummy. Hilarity ensues when, inevitably, someone has guessed somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 feet! The guest with the closest ribbon to mom’s actual size wins a prize.

Funny Baby Shower Games


Beer + Baby Shower

Chug-a-lug Baby

This is the perfect game for a non-traditional baby shower but mom-to-be doesn’t get to participate, just judge! Fill baby bottles with the beverage of your choice – I suggest: beer, champagne, white russians, etc. – then hand them out to guests. On the count of three everyone has to suck their bottle dry as quickly as possible! First one to reach the bottom of the bottle wins!  


When you gotta go…

Tinkle in the Jar

You know how pregnant women are always in constant danger of peeing their pants? No? Well, take it from this formerly-pregnant woman, having a 7 pound baby pressing on your bladder makes laughing, coughing, and speed bumps your worst enemy.

For this hilarious game divide your guests into teams. Line up jars at the other side of the room. Each guest blows up a balloon and puts it under their shirt and then with a quarter clamped firmly between their knees, waddles their way across the room and drops the quarter into the jar. If they drop the quarter on the way, they have to go back to the beginning. The first team to get all their potty runs done successfully are the champions!


On your mark…

Blindfolded Diaper Challenge

If you’re the parent of a non-potty trained kiddo chances are good that you can diaper a baby blindfolded, with one hand tied behind your back, and a monkey on your head in 15 seconds flat. But, if you’ve never played this game OR your new to the diapering-world then this is going to be a challenge!  Have a diapered baby doll and an extra diaper. Blindfold the first guest and time them as they remove the baby doll’s “dirty” diaper and put on a clean one. Fastest diaperer gets a prize!

Activities for Baby Showers

Time Capsule!

Time Capsule!

Time Capsule

This is a great activity to help create a link to the baby’s past.

When you send out invitations, ask each guest to bring an item to put into a time capsule for the baby. The items should be something that is representative of life or culture today. Bring a newspaper from today, a tabloid magazine, the Best Picture Oscar winner on DVD, or a CD of a contemporary recording artist. Even a personal letter talking about the guest’s connection to the parents and what living in today’s society is like. At the shower, the guests talk about the items they chose and place them in the “time capsule”, a box or chest to be sealed up and opened for the child when he’s old enough to appreciate the contents.


A is for anti-depressants.

Baby ABC’s

Assign each guest a letter (or two) and have them write out some words of wisdom or advice for the mom-to-be starting with their letter. For example – T is for…TIME, don’t ever forget to take some time for yourself, even if it’s just 15 minutes for a long shower. You will be a better mom if you can take care of your own need for space and sanity. You deserve it! At the end of the shower bind the pages together into a book and give to the expectant mom to read at her leisure (maybe in a warm bath!)


Mom’s survival kit.

Mommy Shower

If this is mom’s second baby or if she’s already had a baby shower elsewhere why not make it a shower all about the mom-to-be. Instead of gifts for the baby bring something just for mom to use that will make her feel celebrated and beautiful. Gift certificates for a spa, bubble bath, massage oil, cute NON-maternity clothes for after the baby is born or a personalized coupon book good for free babysitting .

If it were MY shower, I’d love a DVD of 30 Rock (those 22 minute episodes are perfect for a session of breast feeding), a package of Venus razor refills (those things are expensive!), or a subscription to a tabloid rag magazine.


Give mom a dinner-break!

Frozen Dinner Party

As anyone who’s ever been home with  a new baby can tell you, trying to run the house while simultaneously trying to care for a newborn is a huge pain. Making dinner seems like climbing Everest when you’re surrounded by diapers, laundry, sore nipples, and a collicky baby. Make the new mom’s life easier by hosting a Frozen Dinner Shower! Gather ingredients and freezer safe containers and have guests prepare dinners that mom can take out of the freezer and toss in the oven or microwave for those hectic newborn nights.

My Favorite Baby Shower Gift


Why yes, I AM sucking out your snot.

Instead of the usual baby shower gifts with clothes the baby will outgrow in a few weeks or baby books that will never be filled out (that’s what Facebook is for, right?!) why not give mom baby gifts that are actually useful? In fact, give her the items that you had no idea you needed until they saved your life/sanity.

An example? The NoseFrida nasal sucker thing was an absolute God-send when my 10 week old developed a nasty cold that prevented her from breathing. The little blue bulb sucker was useless and i was about 5 minutes away from putting my mouth on her nose and sucking the boogers from her face. I found the NoseFrida online, rushed out to the only drugstore in the area that sold it, and then sucked my infant’s thick, awful snot out of her head right there in the parking lot. Instant, blessed relief for both her and me. EVERY baby shower I go to now I give the NoseFrida.

Secret hint – it works great on grownups (even yourself) too. Shhhhhh.

Where did we come up with these ideas? From our friends at: Fireflii, BeauCoup, How Stuff Works, and Happy Hour Mom

Autumn Sakai is PlaceFull’s Mistress of the Blog. She’s a true Seattle native who runs in the rain, takes her kid to to the zoo in the rain, and waits for the bus in the rain. When it’s sunny she slathers on sunscreen and waits for the rain to come back. She loves a good wedding, bakes wicked awesome cookies, and secretly knows all the lyrics to ‘Yentl’. What? Don’t judge.

5 thoughts on “11+ Baby Shower Games and Activities

  1. There are some really fun ideas here. I have also been to a baby shower where we each bought an item and had to be blindfolded and guess what the item in the bag was – this game was very interesting!

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