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Merchant Spotlight – Pony Paradise Rides

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charlie_and_girls_800x571In the annals of history there’s not much more perfect than pony rides at a birthday party . Whether your kiddo wants to be a princess, a cowboy, a king, an Indian chief , a cop, a fairy, or a wizard then a pony fits right in. Besides, add in a pony and suddenly you have the classroom social event of the school year!

Which is why Pony Paradise Rides is party-plannin’ mom’s dream come true!

You can host your party at their facility in Woodinville, complete with a bouncy house , ping pong, and a petting zoo. Or, you can bring the ponies to you and be the envy of the neighborhood. In either case, your pack of birthday-celebratin’ kiddos will get an hour of pony time with another 45 minutes to eat cake and open presents. The best part? No clean up! Not even the “birthday gifts” left behind from the ponies 🙂

Princess_Brianna_and_a_unicorn_069aBut these guys do WAY more than just birthdays. Sign your little cowpoke up for riding lessons, a horse riding summer camp, rent out the adorable Cowboy Cottage for a little home-away-from-home, or even use their new after-school horse program to keep them occupied after class lets out but before you’re done with work. Basically, Pony Paradise Rides quite simply ROCKS!

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