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Gamer Birthday Parties in Seattle

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There’s a certain group of people who don’t want karakoe at their birthday parties. They don’t want poles or DJs or batting cages or even bunnies. They want GAMES. Games that challenge the brain, encourage teamwork, and maybe even transport you to far-off worlds. This is why PlaceFull has a great selection of parties for gamers!

The Airlock


Featuring eight Tesla II BattleTech Cockpit Simulator pods running BattleTech Firestorm and Red Planet, The Airlock  is the Pacific Northwest’s sole BattleTech pod site and is a premier gaming destination for pod, console and coin-op arcade gameplay. And it’s the perfect place to host a party when you want all your guests to be in on the action! Battle it out in the BattleTech simulators, soar over Mars in RedPlanet, or take over the “War Room” with four xBox 360s connected via Microsoft Live Gold.

The Game Zone at Game Clucks


Lynnwood’s GameClucks is home to  twenty PCs, connected to 20/20 FIOS, eight Xboxes, eight Xbox 360′s, two GameCubes and two Wii’s – all networked and connected to LCD TVs. In short, this is a virtual gamer’s paradise. With GameCluck’s party package you get two hours of lightning fast gaming, pizza, soda, and even cupcakes to satisfy your sweet tooth!



Most people don’t have a combined 318 inches of flatscreen TV in their house but with the Games2U mobile entertainment trailer you have have six TVs at your fingertips plus Xbox 360s, Nintendo Wii’s, Blu-Ray, Satellite TV, and more. This is an incredible way to bring a massive gaming experience right to your own house!

Blue Highway Games


If you’re looking to unplug from the world of virtual gaming and want to get your hands dirty with a little “analog” gaming then Queen Anne’s Blue Highway Games has the perfect party for you. Bring your friends and sit down for some good, old-fashioned dice rolling. For just $250 you get 2 hours of gaming plus extra time for presents, decorations, cupcakes, drinks, setup/cleanup, 2 staff members to host and lead games, and prizes.

Autumn Sakai is PlaceFull’s Mistress of the Blog. She’s a true Seattle native who runs in the rain, takes her kid to to the zoo in the rain, and waits for the bus in the rain. When it’s sunny she slathers on sunscreen and waits for the rain to come back. She loves a good wedding, bakes wicked awesome cookies, and secretly knows all the lyrics to ‘Yentl’. What? Don’t judge.

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