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PlaceFull’s Office Dogs, Continued

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With the welcoming of new employees (Hi Ben and Alex!) we also get to welcome a new office dog!

Oakley (like the sunglasses) is a three year-old black lab who is just about as sweet as can be. He’s big, sturdy, calm, easy-going, and an absolute love. He doesn’t even mind when he gets dressed up in a PlaceFull t-shirt!

His person is Ben, one of our new sales people, and together they like to ride bikes and run. Though Ben’s the one who rides…. When Oakley’s not snoozing under our desks or charming the ladies he looks longingly at our granola bars.

If there’s one thing we love here in the PlaceFull office, aside from Thirsty Thursday that is, it’s having a pooch or two in the office. There’s something so soothing about having a sleeping dog under your feet or the click of nails on the hardwood floors as Oakley runs to greet the door with a big ol’ doggie smile. Dogs are good for the soul and good for productivity.

Oakley, we’re so glad to have you!

Oh, and Ben’s nice too.

PlaceFull office dog

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