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Merchant Spotlight – Northwest Aerials

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In the Puget Sound-area we are lucky to have so many wonderful facilities for budding gymnasts to call “home”. Of course, with the weather here, it makes sense that we have lots of options for indoor physical activities. One of our new favorites is Northwest Aerials in Kirkland.

What do they offer? Let us tell you!

nwaerials2Gymnastics – Of course they offer progressive gymnastics classes for all those wannabe Keri Strugs. Starting with the tykes at just 2 years old and moving all the way up to adults you can opt for a competitive track or just for fun. Rock an amazing floor routine, kill it on the uneven bars, destroy the balance beam, or give the rings a run for their money.

Everything Else – They also offer programs in dance, trampoline, and swimming. WHAT? This place is a one-stop-shop for FUN! Sign your kiddos up for a complete class series in Trampoline/Tumbling or, during the summer months, get those kids into the pool!

Day Camp – Speaking of summer, Northwest Aerials offers a full complement of summer daycamps to keep your kids active and engaged while school’s out. Full Day, Half Day, even a back handspring clinic for nailing down that elusive move.

Birthday Parties – When you’ve got a birthday to plan, let the pros at Northwest Aerials take over so you can actually ENJOY the party rather than running the show. Choose from gymnastics, dance, trampoline, or pool time. Whichever option you go for is sure to be a hit with the party guests!

Parents’ Night Out – There are some date nights where you simply can’t rely on the teenager next door. Those are the nights when it’s a whole group of grown ups going out together and there’s a whole passel of kids that need watching. Pool your resources and book a parents’ night out for up to 12 kids. They’ll feed the kids, give them crafts, and let them work their energy out on all the gymnastics equipment for three hours. Take them home, pack them off to bed, and keep the party going!

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