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Merchant Spotlight – The Reptile Zoo

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reptil.zoo Nestled along the verdantly green Highway 2 that leads to Stevens Pass and points eastward is one of Washington’s most unique roadside stops – The Reptile Zoo. Home to the famous Reptile Man, this Northwest gem has been introducing folks to the slitheriest, most poisonous, creepiest, crawliest critters around since 1996.

Scott Petersen (aka: the Reptile Man) founded the Reptile Zoo with the hope of encouraging others to appreciate the beauty and mystery of the reptile world. As a former high school biology teacher, Scott is in a unique position to educate the throngs of people who come in to see his scaled friends every day. He’s been featured on the Disney Channel and PBS as well as performing for over 800 schools, festivals, corporate parties and many other events.

alligatorWhen you visit the Reptile Zoo you can expect to see the largest collection of reptiles in the Pacific Northwest including turtles, alligators, lizards and many types of snakes including some venomous species such as cobras and rattlesnakes. You’ll also get the chance to check out a variety of tarantulas, some hissing cockroaches, and an incredible two-headed turtle!

Now that they’ve partnered with PlaceFull, you can buy your admission right online and sail through the lines at the Reptile Zoo. No more waiting for the albino alligator or black mamba! Hooray!

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