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Merchant Spotlight – Mulleady’s Pub

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Traditional Irish Breakfast, oh yeeeaahhh.

Just off the bustle of Dravus St. in Magnolia is PlaceFull’s new Private Label partner, Mulleady’s Irish Pub. Featuring authentic local and Irish brews, a full bar featuring a huge selection of whiskeys, and incredible Irish dishes, there’s something for everyone.  Looking for Trivia on Monday nights? They’ve got you covered. Need a fun location for your next party? Rent out the top floor of the pub just for your group. Wondering where on earth you can get yourself a traditional Irish Breakfast complete with black pudding, knockers, and beans? These guys.

But even more than all that they have the ambiance and the customer service that will keep you coming back. Even from the first moment you walk into the pub and you’re surrounded by rich woods, leather furnishings, and a warm welcome from the bartender. It’s the kind of bar where you want to become a regular so you can belly up to the bar and don’t even have to what you want, it just appears in front of you.

Welcome to the PlaceFull family, Mulleady’s, we’re happy to have you!

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