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Merchant Spotlight – Twirl Cafe

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If you’re a parent you know there’s only so many times you can build a fort in the living room or turn toilet paper tubes into binoculars before the kids revolt and you’ve got a full-scale mutiny on your hands. You could turn them loose in the backyard but, between the minefield of un-scooped dog poop and and the pile of construction materials from last year’s poorly-executed playhouse, that is a disaster waiting to happen. You need intervention and you need it fast. You need Twirl Cafe.


Drop in for Open Playtime (anytime Twirl is open) to let the kids work out some energy on the awesome equipment including a beautiful tree house, custom train table, reading corner, and an upstairs gym. Open Playtime also gets you access to storytime, baby disco, art workshops and more!

Sandwiches, coffee, and cupcakes - oh my!

Sandwiches, coffee, and cupcakes – oh my!

Twirl’s cafe features tons of delicious food for parents and kids alike. We’re talking ciabatta sandwiches with Brie, Granny Smith Apples,  Balsamic Reduction and Prosciutto right alongside bags of kid-friendly Pirate Booty and Yogurt Covered Pretzels. Enjoy a piping hot latte and some Facebook on their free WiFi while the kids play.

Plan your kiddo’s birthday party with the greatest of ease and let the pros at Twirl handle all the nitty-gritty details. Choose from a wide variety of options including catering, dress up, party favors, or even the choice of the whole place to yourself. They can even provide the grown-ups with wine, a veritable must-have for most toddler birthday parties.

Their regularly scheduled Dinner Socials are perfect for busy families who want to meet with other kids and parents without the hassle of having to cook dinner for the crowd. Let the chefs at Twirl Cafe make you dinner and the kids can play while the moms and dads have some social time. Brilliant!

When school’s out you need something to do with the kiddos to keep them active and engaged. Let Twirl entertain them for the summer with their selection of Summer Camps! Cooking classes, manners, yoga – there’s something for everyone at Twirl Cafe.

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