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Merchant Spotlight – Piccola Cellars

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Wine, regular ol’ wine out of a bottle is pretty great. But just imagine how great it would be if you didn’t have to find the corkscrew, muck about with the seal, uncork the darn thing only to have bits floating around in your glass. Imagine if it came flowing out of a tap – like beer – only better. You don’t have to imagine. It’s real.


At Piccola Cellars, in Woodinville, they’ve perfected the art of wine in kegs which means no waste, no spoilage, just gorgeous wines at your fingertips. For folks who don’t own a restaurant or an industrial -sized kitchen they also feature wines in shelf-stable totes that keep your vino fresh for up to month after first pour.

If you want to get sample of the blends then get yourself over to their Woodinville tasting room where, for just $10, you can sample your way through all of their taps and then put your entry fee towards the purchase of a wine tote or mini-keg. Even better, you can book the tasting room for private events so gather up the girls (or the guys) for a personal wine experience that ends with each of you taking home wine in a bag.

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