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Merchant Spotlight – Double Play Sports Complex

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We hear a LOT about sports for boys but not nearly so much about sports for girls. All the football camps, basketball camps, and even the soccer camps seem to be geared towards  little dudes. What are the dudettes supposed to do? Sit around all summer and play with dolls? Now, look, playing with dolls is all fine and good (even fun!) but what about the girl who’s nuts about sports. Well have we got the camp for her!

PlaceFull’s newest Private Label merchant, Double Play Sports Complex, is a girl-focused softball and baseball training facility. With a state of the art facility including retractable batting cages, full-length pitching lanes, tee stations, pitching machines, and a gigantic 9,600 square foot facility complete with an infield, your little slugger will be on her way to a softball scholarship and you can invest in a boat.

They’re slated to open their doors late-June 2013 and starting with offering a girls-only summer camp to hone those batting, pitching, and defensive skills. As their offerings develop, including private lessons, team practices, parties, and more, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date. In the meantime, WELCOME to PlaceFull,  Double Play Sports Complex!

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