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Your team sits, all day long, under the hum of florescent lights, in their ergonomically correct chairs, staring at screens being productive. They work hard, they turn out a good product, and they deserve to be rewarded with a day out of the office. Bring your team outdoors with one of PlaceFull’s awesome outdoor teambuilding adventures!

Bellevue Challenge Course


This Bellevue Ropes Course is designed to improve the performance and cohesiveness of any group through a combination of teamwork, communication and individual problem-solving. Work on balance, conquering fear, and dexterity as your team navigates the course and comes out working better together than they ever thought possible.

Wenatchee River Rafting


For the ultimate in teambuilding experiences try your hand at rafting down the Wenatchee River. The expert guides at River Recreation will pick your team up at basecamp (in Monitor, WA), drive everyone up to Peshastin, and then an exhilarating 3-hour ride down the white-water of the Wenatchee River followed by a catered lunch back at basecamp. Is it a long trip? Sure, but so worth it when you see the looks of excitement on your team’s faces.

Outdoor Paintball Arena


Nothing build teamwork like an exciting day of shooting the heck out of each other with paintballs! But seriously. Split into teams and work together to capture the flag, eliminate the other team, or band together to take out zombies. The pros at Doodlebug Sportz will guide your teams through the games your group chooses. Everyone will have a great time and work even better the next time you’re back in the office.

Ride the Ducks


Take your team out for an afternoon on The Ducks that they’ll be talking about for ages! Start with a tour of Seattle accompanied by funky tunes and the most hilarious tour guides this side of the Mississippi and then take to the water as your amphibious vehicle seamlessly transitions from land to lake with a float around Seattle’s beautiful Lake Union. You’ll have fun singing along, learning about our gorgeous city, and quacking at passers-by!

Meritage Meadows


Meritage Meadows is conveniently located just 3 miles from downtown Redmond so, Microsoft admins, pay attention! This beautiful bed and breakfast is perfect for offsite events; take advantage of the acres of meadows, the event terrace, the gazebo, and the indoor facilities if you need to move your event inside. They’re used to working with a wide variety of caterers and service providers as well if you’re looking to make an all-day function of it.

PGP Group Racing Package


Start your engines for a thrilling afternoon of Go Kart racing at PGP Motorsports. PGP’s team building race events are designed to challenge and develop strong bonds between team members. Their team building events give everyone a chance to shine and help your team to identify strengths among team members that will give them a competitive edge.  Team building at PGP is a fun and exciting event for everyone regardless of ability or skill.

Yacht Charter


When you’ve got a small team why not treat them to the ultimate in luxury? A private, chartered yacht on the waters of Elliot Bay. Soak in the sights and sounds of the Puget Sound from the deck of your own private yacht from Cedar Wave Charters. Perfect for up to 6 guests, this is a fantastic reward for a project completion or goals exceeded.

Autumn Sakai is PlaceFull’s Mistress of the Blog. She’s a true Seattle native who runs in the rain, takes her kid to to the zoo in the rain, and waits for the bus in the rain. When it’s sunny she slathers on sunscreen and waits for the rain to come back. She loves a good wedding, bakes wicked awesome cookies, and secretly knows all the lyrics to ‘Yentl’. What? Don’t judge.

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