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JUMP for Birthdays with PlaceFull and Birthday Dreams

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All over the Puget Sound there are birthday boys and girls who won’t have a party, presents, or even a cake. Their birthday will be just another day without any fanfare because they’re living in a system  that, quite simply, can’t afford to throw a celebration for every birthday. These are homeless kids living in shelters with their families.

Birthday Dreams is trying to change that. Since 2008, they’ve hosted well over 1,000 birthday parties for homeless and foster kids. They host parties at shelters and include everything from games and activities, to face painting, to presents, to the all-important birthday cake. And they do it all with donations from good-hearted people who love to bake, give gifts, entertain kids, or just donate their money.

On Saturday, August 17 from 11 am – 2 pm, PlaceFull and Birthday Dreams are joining forces to host a fundraiser to benefit the mission of Birthday Dreams. We’re hosting a gigantic birthday party at Skymania Trampolines in Kirkland complete with yummy eats, lots of trampoline fun, and, of course, CAKE! We’re inviting kids from area homeless shelters for a free day of jumping that promises to be filled with smiles.

Want to come join the fun? With your donation of just $15 per kid, your family can come jump for 90 minutesand take part in all the festivities! The best part is that 100% of your donation will go to benefit Birthday Dreams and support them in their mission of giving EVERY kid a Happy Birthday!

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