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Merchant Spotlight – Northshore Gymnastics

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Woodinville’s Northshore Gymnastics is a mecca for north-end gymnasts…and their parents! Featuring a staff of former and current gymnasts and teachers, NSGC is a perfect place for any budding gymnast.

What sets them apart from other local gymnastics facilities? It’s the wide variety of classes and activities for every level of expertise. From classes for the tiniest tots to competition preparation for high schoolers, they even offer punch cards for drop-in playtime so the kiddos can workout some of their energy .  Drop off the kids for one of their regular “Parents’ Night Out” for 4-hours of tumbling, movies, crafts and even dinner. Go out for dinner or just go back home for some quality time with your sweetie.

Still need a plan for the kids this summer? NSGC has a full array of summer camps to keep bodies in motion all summer long. There’s gymnastics camp (of course), cheer camp, trampoline camp, and even a jump rope camp! Holy cow! What a place!

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