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Merchant Spotlight – Michael Florentino Cellars

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Winemaker, Brad Sherman, has been blending and fermenting wines since his college days. Scientist by training and an engineer by trade has lead to to scientific approach to the art of winemaking and his global travels have informed his palate in new and exciting ways. All this to say that when you get a bottle of Brad’s wine from Michael Florentino Cellars you are in for a treat!

Join the folks at the Winery for one for their Third Thursday “Wine Walks” at the Woodinville Warehouse District including tastings from multiple wineries, delicious appetizers, live music, and visual art. What a perfect mid-week treat!

You can rent out the winery’s tasting room for your own private function. Each rental includes a personalized wine tasting of some of Brad’s finest vintages. Or, join their wine club for exclusive discounts on all wines and free entrance to all their wine tastings throughout the year!

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