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Refer a Merchant!

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referHey PlaceFull Private Label Merchants! We’re excited to announce yet another incredible new feature just for our Private Label Merchants. If you love PlaceFull, and we’re pretty sure you do, we want to invite you to tell your friends and earn a $40 credit to your account if they sign their business up with PlaceFull’s Private Label. How?

referbuttonWhen you sign into your PlaceFull account and click on the orange “My Dashboard” button you’ll be taken to your hugely informative dashboard featuring all of your bookings and snazzy business metrics. You’ll also see, on the left-hand side, a menu – at the bottom of which is a green button that says “Refer a Merchant”. Fill in the appropriate contact information and we’ll take care of the rest. If they sign up with PlaceFull’s Booking as a Service then we’ll give YOU a $40 credit on your account which translates to one month FREE!

What are you waiting for?! Spread the PlaceFull love today and get your $40 credit!

One thought on “Refer a Merchant!

  1. Nice walk-through. I love Placefull. It’s good to earn $40 credit. Good news.

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