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Northwest Aerials Gymnastics – A Case Study

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For over 30 years, Northwest Aerials has been a success, turning out nationally-ranked gymnasts year after year. But running a world-class facility costs money, and they subsidize their programs with birthday parties, parents’ night out events, and camps. Even though those programs are successful, founder Patti Gable wanted to grow her bank account by getting even more bookings. Enter PlaceFull…

Snapshot of Success

Over one year…

Northwest Aerials Gymnastics


PlaceFull has made my life easier and my business has grown significantly! I love telling folks to “go to our site and click on the link” for booking their parties… We now get 3-4 birthday parties per week! I love that I don’t have to deal with the money, the reminder emails, anything! PlaceFull takes care of it all. We are so thrilled with what PlaceFull is doing and we’re looking forward to expanding our offerings. Parties, classes, summer camps, and even online ticket sales! Is there anything these guys can’t do?!

Patti Gable – Owner, Northwest Aerials Gymnastics


NW Aerials

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Northwest Aerials – A Brief History

gymnasticsbdayNorthwest Aerials was founded on August 1, 1979, by nationally-ranked, elite gymnast, Patti Gable. What started as a small program at Seattle Pacific University, moved to Kirkland and grew into a world-class facility including instruction in gymnastics, dance, swim, and trampoline. Northwest Aerials is proud to say that they have produced over 200 state champions and 20 gymnasts who have had the honor of competing on U.S. and Regional National Teams.

Since signing up with PlaceFull in April 2013, Northwest Aerials has had over 200 bookings! Birthday parties and camps make up a vast majority of this number.

25% of Northwest Aerial’s online bookings happen AFTER their normal business hours. This means that even when Patti is at home, with her family, or even asleep, she’s still making money.

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