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Snazzy New Merchant Updates to PlaceFull

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Our dev team here at PlaceFull are practically superhuman! Every two weeks they churn out new code that results in significant upgrades to our site giving both merchants and customers new and exciting ways to do business and keep track of their bookings. What’s was new in July? We’re so glad you asked!

dashboardMerchant Dashboard – 

The culmination of months of work finally came to fruition when we launched our comprehensive merchant dashboard. Now, Private Label merchants can see, in one convenient place, all information regarding their current, past, and future bookings, their lifetime revenue, a chart of year-to-date bookings by month, and more. This feature is really the showpiece of our devs work this month and something we are VERY proud of!

iCal/Outlook/Google Calendar Integration –

You can now see your PlaceFull calendar using iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar. Any changes you make from your logged-in PlaceFull account will automatically reflect in your other calendars. This makes it even easier to keep tabs on your bookings!

Email Notification Panel –

Merchants can send one-off emails to a) all their PlaceFull customers or b) emails to customers of a single listing.  Think of it as a very basic MailChimp but built into PlaceFull.

Export Customer Data –
Merchants can now download all of their customer data (excluding credit card information, of course) into an Excel file on their computer.

additionalinfoAdditional Info 
This allows merchants to collect more pieces customer info; things like T-shirt size, who will be picking up their child, etc.  It’s fully customizable by the merchant when editing a listing and buyers will see it when checkout out.

‘What’s New’ section in the Dashboard
Here, merchants will see brief updates about new features and amenities we’re adding to PlaceFull. This will link to the PlaceFull blog (HEY! That’s where you are right now!)

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and months. This is an EXCITING time to be connected with PlaceFull, things just keep getting better and better!

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