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3 Low-Cost Wedding Decorations for a Beautiful Wedding


We’re thrilled to have Dax Vyas from Ontario’s FestiveIce as our guest blogger today! He’s got some great suggestions for some low-cost wedding decor.


Weddings are special occasions, and many of us fondly remember our wedding for years as we slowly pay of the loans that we took to make it such a splendid occasion. Weddings can be extremely costly – the wedding rings, attire and accessories, beauty treatments, entertainment, photography, honeymoon, the rent of the place where your wedding is held, the food and the decorations cost a lot. Unless you are careful, a wedding can burn a big hole in your pockets. There are some expenses that cannot be avoided, but you can definitely cut costs on some aspects without taking the charm away from the wedding.

Wedding decorations fall in the latter category. There is no need for you spend thousands of dollars on wedding decorations. After all, most of the decorations are going to end up in the bin or storage. But, you do want your wedding location to look fantastic; you want it to feel special. If you have the money to spend, it would be great to splurge on wedding decorations. Get professional wedding decorators or planners and make your wedding a memorable occasion.

But, if you do not have a big budget, don’t let that stop you from making your wedding wonderful. Here are some tried-and-tested and some unconventional ideas for fantastic, yet low-cost, wedding decorations.

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Candles and Paper Lanterns Combo

Flowers are seen as an integral part of wedding, and fresh flowers cost more than you can imagine. What if you replace them with something else that looks as good? You can get rid of artificial lights (or just keep them turned off) and decorate the venue of your wedding with candles and paper lanterns.

Candles come in all types of sizes, colors and fragrances. They can create a truly romantic and mystical environment befitting the occasion of your wedding. You can place candles at strategic places, light up paper lanterns and place them where you would usually place flowers. Just take basic precautions to avoid any accidents.

Paper lanterns are colorful, bright and they come in all sorts of shapes. Most paper lanterns use electric bulbs so, there isn’t too much chance of fire. You can create a paradise by arranging candles and paper lanterns in the right places. To cap it all, you can release flying paper lanterns in the evening sky to create a magical effect after the celebrations.

You can buy a huge variety of lanterns and candles at Cost Plus World Market.

Potted Plants and Petals instead of Flowers

If you cannot bear the thought of a flower-less wedding, there are alternatives to buying expensive flowers. Floral decorations in wedding can cost from $2,000 to $20,000. While you cannot avoid a bridal bouquet, you can definitely cut down the cost of other floral decorations by using potted plants instead of flowers – you can use flowers from your own garden or ask your friends and family to bring potted plants.

Flower petals cost a lot less than bouquets or rare flowers. If you love flowers, you can decorate the aisles and other strategic places with flower petals. The altars, tables and aisles can have different floral patterns made from the favorite flowers of the bride and the groom. Using this trick, you can lower the cost of decoration without compromising on the beauty. Or, you know, you could simply hold the wedding ceremony at a place that is naturally beautiful, and slash the decoration costs in one go.

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Ice Sculptures and Chocolate Fountains

The trend of unusual wedding decorations is catching on. This year, ice sculptures and chocolate fountains are at the top of the unconventional wedding decoration list. Chocolate fountains come in all sizes, and you can place them on the dining table or use them as edible decoration for kids. The dining area can be decorated with one or more chocolate fountains. Kids love chocolate fountains.

Ice sculptures are unique and they look elegant and beautiful – you can also use different kinds of lights or lanterns to showcase the ice sculptures in style. They can take place of expensive centerpieces as they look better than most traditional centerpiece decorations. If you are the types that likes to take the road less traveled, these two can help you create a memorable wedding decoration.

If you’re in the Ontario-area, FestiveIce can set you up with all the ice sculptures and chocolate fountains you can handle. If you’re looking for an ice sculptor in the US, check out the National Ice Carving Association website.

Wrapping up

These are three simple and easily actionable ideas for a budget wedding. Candles, lanterns, ice sculptures, chocolate fountains and flower petals don’t cost much, but they can help you create memorable wedding decorations at a relatively lower cost. With a little bit of planning, a little effort, and some imagination, you can make your wedding memorable and beautiful.

Author Bio:
Dax Vyas is associated with FestiveIce. Festive Ice is a one of the leading ice sculpture designer based in Ontario, Canada. It provides services regarding Ice Sculpture and Chocolate Fountain for various event decorations like weddings, birthdays, parties, etc.

3 thoughts on “3 Low-Cost Wedding Decorations for a Beautiful Wedding

  1. Having been involved in the wedding decorations and wedding video industry for over 20 years sometimes it never ceases to amaze me the lengths that some people go in their wedding decorations. Some of the nicest weddings that we have planned or I have had the privilege of videoing have been simpler affairs that have been decorated by a gifted or willing family member. Lanterns are a great way of livening up a space as they add beauty and light to an event, plus with a little bit of ground work you will be amazed at what you will find at family and friends homes that you can for little cost incorporate into your wedding reception. As this article points out cheap isn’t always nasty and simplicity can really add something to your special day.

  2. Lovely decoration ideas.. Candles and Paper Lanterns Combo is amazing. It looks beautiful and easy to make by anyone in home. My wedding date is December 3rd .. and I am really excited for it. I love your wedding ideas.. Appreciated truly

  3. Love the ideas. Paper lanterns and candles beautiful and creative ideas

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