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Merchant Spotlight – Diamond Hill Paintball

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Last week, I went Paintballing for the first time. It was a blast! Diving through bushes, climbing trees, splattering my nearest and dearest friends with neon paint. It wasn’t until afterwards, peeling off sweaty layers of clothes that I realized the constellation of welts on my skin that were soon to turn into a rainbow of bruises. And I can’t even tell you how proud I was of each of those marks. My Battle Wounds. 

Diamond Hill paintball in Harrisburg, OR is an outdoor paintball facility with acres of ground to cover. Hide behind inflatable bunkers, crouch in foxholes, or go all out in a shooting volley across the open field. If you’re looking for some serious paintball action, this is the place for you.


It’s an all-out assault!

Bring your office-mates for a teambuilding event unlike any other – king of the hill, capture the flag, or just all-out warfare is WAY better than a day under the florescents any time. You can even book your team outing on the Diamond Hills Paintball website! But it’s not just for boring old grownups! Get the kids in on the action with their birthday party packages. They’ll provide all the gear you need including gun, mask, CO2 canister, and paintballs. You just have to bring yourself and a long-sleeved shirt (trust me, you don’t want those paintballs hitting bare skin). An afternoon of paintball is an incredible

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