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Merchant Spotlight – Shabu Chic

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In Seattle’s International District, tucked behind the famous Viet Wah market, is Seattle’s only dedicated Shabu Shabu restaurant. What’s Shabu Shabu? According to Wikipedia it’s “a Japanese dish featuring thinly sliced beef boiled in water.” Uhhh…that sounds booooooring for something that it actually rich, delicious, and even healthy!

shabuAt Shabu Chic you choose from three different yummy broths, choose your meat or veggies, and then you start cooking! They’ll bring your broth, turn on the burner, and then you swish (the term Shabu Shabu comes from the sound of all the swishing) your meats and veggies around in your broth until they’re cooked to your liking. You can then dip them in a variety of tasty sauces. It’s a little like sukiyaki but more savory.

Shabu Chic is an awesome choice for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, date nights and so much more because it’s an interactive experience. You’re not just sitting there eating the food that’s brought to you, you’re taking part in the preparation, talking and laughing with your table-mates. It’s fun time for everyone! You can book Shabu Chic’s dining area for a private party for up to 20 guests making it perfect for all your celebrations. Check out their website for their full menu and booking online!

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