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Merchant Spotlight – USAG

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In 2000, Rosen Manolov was in Sydney, Australia coaching the Bulgarian Men’s Gymnastics team and incredible hottie, Yordan Yovchev, to two bronze medals. 13 years later, along with his wife, Neli, he’s the founder The US Gymnastics Academy in Eugene, OR, a world-class facility for training gymnasts from beginners to elite. And we’re proud to welcome them to PlaceFull!

usagym1Their classes are designed to grow with your child. Starting at 18 months, there’s a class for tots and their parents to learn the basic fundamentals of movement and gymnastics. When they’re a little older they move on to a 45 minutes class where they’ll learn rolls, basic jumps, hops, body positions, and much more. For kids who are interested in continuing with gymnastics they can take more advanced classes where they’ll learn more skills focusing on the different apparatus used in competitive gymnastics. For the elite few, there are competitive teams that can take you all the way to the medal stand.

usagymbdayThey also offer a fantastic Birthday Package for kids who want to celebrate their birthday in Gold Medal Style! Parties include fun for up to 10 kids and with a Giant Bounce House, foam filled pits and many more activities. Your child and their guests will have a magnificent time learning about the world of gymnastics and tumbling.

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