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How to use the PlaceFull Point of Sale System

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We are thrilled to announce yet another way that we’re making life easier for our PlaceFull merchants – The PlaceFull Point of Sale (POS) system. This FREE credit card reader allows merchants to book listings and accept payments by walk-in customers, all in a few clicks and swipes! Learn how to process payments by watching the screencast below.


Step 1: Login to your PlaceFull account

Step 2: Click “Process Payments”

Step 3: Pick listing, date and time

Step 4: Choose package and enter customer information

Step 5: Swipe or manual enter credit card information

Step 6: Hit purchase

Be sure to double check the date and time, the customer’s email and the price. The PlaceFull POS system is incredibly user-friendly, but if you run into any problems email and we will get back to your shortly!

One thought on “How to use the PlaceFull Point of Sale System

  1. Wow its a greate idea for using pos system to making life easier. With a free credit card reader, booking events and taking payments has never been easier. It is saving a time and workload.

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