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Merchant Spotlight – Equine Life Solutions

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You can horsesput a kid on the back of a pony and snap a picture any time. But true horsemanship requires lessons with caring, knowledgeable staff who are willing to take the time to teach young  horse lovers how to care for and ride horses. Equine Life Solutions in Bothell is the perfect place to uncover a lifetime of horsemanship. 

Introduce your family to ELS at their 6th Annual Medieval Fall Festival Fundraiser on October 6 complete with medieval-themed merriment including knights, jousting, archery, snacks, music, and, of course, horseback riding! There’s even a royal dinner option to complete the experience with a show featuring knights clashing and jesters jesting. This annual event supports the programs at Equine Life Center including their lessons, boarding, camps, and arts programs.

ELS approaches riding and horsemanship from a holistic perspective, encouraging deep relatoinships between rider and horse. You don’t just throw a saddle on an animal and expect it to carry you around. With lessons built on respect their techniques help riders understand and appreciate their role as a partner and not just a passenger.

Want to find out more about ELS, their programs, and reserve your spot for the Fall Festival on October 6? Visit their website to get the low down on their riding and lesson philosophies and CLICK HERE to book your tickets for the Medieval Fall Festival!

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