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Merchant Spotlight – Pheasant Run Winery

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xWe can all agree that there’s nothing quite so fabulous as a nice glass of wine after a long day. But what if that glass of wine did something good back for the community and not just for your frazzled nerves. At Pheasant Run Winery in Aurora, OR, 10% of all their proceeds go back to local charities and non-profits. How’s that for a great glass of wine? 

The Pheasant Run Tasting Room is housed in the Historic Aurora Bank Building. It was originally built for the 1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition. The bank was an auxiliary building that was dismantled and transported after the fair to its current site in Aurora and rebuilt on the spot. Located in the heart of Oregon’s first historic district; the bank has been lovingly restored and contains many of the original fixtures including doors, flooring and windows. The building served as the town bank through the depression and for a few years afterward. Since that time the bank has been a watch shop, jewelry & antique store, art gallery and even used in Hollywood blockbusters. The classic bank vaults are still operable and of course are used to store our valuable wines.

tastingPRWNot sure which bottle is most to your liking? Book one of their weekend tasting times to sample up to 6 different blends. At just $5 per person it’s an inexpensive way to sip your way through an afternoon and find out which of Pheasant Run’s tasty wines tickles your palate the most.

Have a private event that simply won’t fit in your living room? Book out one of Pheasant Run’s incredible historic bank vaults for an event steeped in history and wine. Just $300 gets you the space  and a variety of add-on packages include wine and your choice of catering options.

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