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Why do consumers prefer to book online?


Put yourself into the mind of your customer. You’ve finally arrived home after finishing a long day at the office, picking up the kids from band practice and the soccer field, and a quick stop at the grocery store. You still need to make dinner, ensure that homework is done, make sure kids are showered, and prep the snack for tomorrow’s play rehearsal before you can even THINK about falling into your own bed.

Suddenly, in the midst of washing the dishes, you remember that you need to get your kids signed up for winter break day camp because you certainly can’t afford to stop working just because the kids are out of school. You want to do this NOW because it’s on your mind but you can’t call the gymnastics facility where your kids currently take classes because it’s closed for the night and, besides, you don’t have the brochure of camp offerings in front of you. If only you could get onto their website, view all the offerings, and book quickly and simply online….

Are you offering online registration for your customers? If not, then you’re missing out on a world of opportunity!  People prefer to book online  because it offers them control, convenience, and flexibility.



Having to stand in line or wait on the phone is trying for anyone’s patience. Being able to easily go online and take care of things like vacation planning, banking, even ordering a pizza,  gives people a sense of empowerment and control while making it EASY to transact with your business.

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When a customer can transact online they can do it in their pajamas. They can do it while they’re watching the news or getting other work done. Purchasing online is convenient which means that, if you offer them the opportunity, busy folks are more likely to use your business.

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It’s no secret that people like to see all their options which is another reason that online booking has so much appeal. Give your customers the chance to choose from a variety of options (party packages, classes, camps, memberships) and encourage their loyalty!

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