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SkyMania Trampolines – A Case Study

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SkyMania Trampolines in Kirkland is one of the Seattle-area’s premier indoor trampoline parks. With over 2,000 square feet of jumping space, it’s great for: trampoline dodgeball, birthday parties, corporate parties, trampoline fitness, and more. SkyMania is the go-to spot in the region for fun. But even so, owner, Nancy Burritt, wanted to increase the bottom line and grow her profits. That’s when she called PlaceFull.

Snapshot of Success

SkyMania Trampolines


Thank goodness for their fantastic booking platform – with all the new business PlaceFull has driven to me, it’s easy to keep track of everything and I can easily change or even cancel a booking if I need to.

Nancy Burritt – Owner, SkyMania Trampolines


SkyMania Trampolines

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SkyMania Trampolines – A Brief History

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Nancy started SkyMania Trampolines with the goal of giving kids and adults an alternative way to exercise. With childhood obesity on the rise and more and more adults leading sedentary lives, Nancy’s idea was to make exercise FUN. Wall-to-wall trampolines, trampoline dodgeball, and trampoline fitness classes ensure that everyone who comes in to SkyMania not only has super-sized fun but also burns calories like crazy (an hour long trampoline fitness class can burn as many as 1,000 calories!).

Even though they’ve only been around for a few years, they’ve had fantastic traction in the community. More and more customers were calling and asking Nancy if they could just book parties and events online. She began to realize how more and more things are being booked online (doctor appointments, movie tickets, dinner reservations, etc.) because of the convenience it provides consumers. They can “book it” when they want. No more phone tag! Nancy talked to PlaceFull, and in just a few days she built her listings and started getting bookings online.

What if I don’t own a trampoline facility? You should, they’re really fun! It’s not just trampoline facilities that are benefiting from PlaceFull. Over the last year, more and more small business owners are seeing the value in online booking – ceramic studios, paintball fields, gymnastics facilities, basketball camps, non-profits, laser tag venues, and even services like food trucks. Do you have customers…? Of course you do! Then it’s time to make the shift to online booking. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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