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Redmond Basketball – A Case Study

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Coach Lund had a camp to fill – PlaceFull had the Solution.

As summer vacation for the Lake Washington School District approached, Coach Lund knew that he needed to grow registration for his basketball summer camp. He needed a way to set his camp apart from other schools in the district, increase visibility to parents, and, ultimately, increase his campers.


“This was the first year I decided to take the camp registration process online. I chose PlaceFull because it not only presented a nice experience for consumers, but it also helped increase my exposure online via their marketplace. Best part, I received an email every time a camper registered and I could login to my dashboard and export camper data via Excel.”

Brian Lund
Head Coach, Redmond Basketball

teamphotoRedmond Basketball Camp – A Brief History

For years, Redmond High School has held a summertime basketball camp for boys in grades 3 through 8. With the goal of training future Mustangs and building the program, Coach Lund also wanted to provide a safe and exciting environment for kids to learn the  fundamentals of the game. In 2012, using printed forms for registration that parents had to laboriously fill out and mail in, the total registration for the camp hit an all-time low of just 43 campers. And this in spite of taking out an ad in a local paper.

Coach Lund knew he had to do something different for 2013; something to set his camp apart from other day camps on the Eastside,  increase parent visibility, and earn more campers. It was clear they needed to grow their online presence, but their efforts still resulted in poor site traffic and their social media impact was negligible. Exhausting every resource he had, Coach Lund worried he was going to have another year with just 43 campers. That is, until he heard about PlaceFull

PlaceFull Shoots and Scores!

Coach Lund immediately saw the value in the online booking experience that PlaceFull provides. He worked with the sales team and, in just a few days, Redmond Basketball Camp was rolling with online registrations on both their own website and PlaceFull’s online marketplace. After signing up with PlaceFull, Coach Lund enjoyed one of his camp’s most successful years ever with a 120% increase in registrations! Not only that, but because he could eliminate the cost of advertising and reduce his printing/mailing costs, Coach Lund saw a 105% increase in revenue.

The best part? Coach and his team didn’t have to wait until the first day of camp to receive the funds; they had access to the registration fees as the campers signed up which meant they could use the funds for other camp initiatives.Parents also saw the value that PlaceFull brought to the game in the form of convenience for them. No more annoying forms to fill out or hunting around for a stamp. In fact, 90% of the parents preferred online booking over the traditional method. This also meant that parents could register their kids when it was convenient for them – 47% of all campers were registered outside of normal business hours!

The Power of Three

Once Redmond Basketball had more traffic making its way to their site, all they needed was PlaceFull’s enriched listings to drive bookings. PlaceFull offers a robust listing tool, allowing you to create and edit your event listings with ease. Your exposure is maximized by automatically creating your listing on your website, PlaceFull’s Marketplace, and Facebook. In other words, instead of being limited to the folks who visit your site, your listings will be seen by the thousands of people who visit PlaceFull’s Marketplace AND your company’s Facebook Page.

Like what you’ve seen? Of course you do! Get details on how PlaceFull can get your business rolling with online booking or email to schedule a demo.

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