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How to Block Off an Availability on Your PlaceFull Calendar

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At PlaceFull, we understand that things will always unexpectedly come up and impact your availability for a party, camp, class or special event. Instead of having to re-do the entire availability for a listing, we have made it easy for you by developing a feature called “Unavailable Times.” This feature will save you time, prevent double bookings and make managing your real-time listings easier. Don’t let your customers down; make sure your availability is up to date and accurate. Trust us, this feature was created based off feedback we received from local merchants here in Seattle. It’s one of their favorites!

What is an Unavailable Time?

An unavailable time is a feature that gives you the ability to block off an availability for a listing(s) so consumers cannot book it.

To get started, just follow these simple steps!

1. Login to your PlaceFull dashboard

2. Click on the Calendar link

Login to your PlaceFull dashboard

Hint: You can create an “Unavailable Time” in the month or week view of your calendar

3. Chose the listing you would like to create an unavailable time for by clicking the drop down

Choose your listing

Hint: You can also apply an unavailable time to all your listings at once.

4. Click on the green “Block Off” button in the top right corner of your calendar

block off a time

5. Pick your date, time and hit save

Set time and date

Hint:  Add notes as a reminder. Don’t worry, only you can see these notes, consumers don’t have access to this information.

6. You did it! Consumers cannot book this time slot now.

unavailable time set

Hint: If you integrate your PlaceFull calendar with your existing calendar (Outlook, Gmail, iCal), these unavailable times will also appear there. Sorry, we can’t integrate with a paper calendar!

7. You can easily delete an unavailable time by clicking the grey time slot on your calendar

delete a unavailable time

We hope this feature makes your life easier. If you are having trouble creating an unavailable time for a specific day, please email us at or give us a ring 206-624-0296. We would love to help!

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