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Ok, I will admit, Seattle is crazy (in a good way) about their football. We would first like to congratulate the Seattle Seahawks on Super Bowl 48, what an amazing accomplishment for the players, organization, city and most importantly the 12th Man (also known as the 12th Fan). If you are not from Seattle or currently live here, you probably don’t know what the 12th Man is. Let me explain a little…

The 12th Man is a term for Seattle Seahawks fans. Since there are only 11 players per team on the field, the 12th Man’s noise and energy implies that they play a vital role in the outcome of the game. Sounds a little crazy, right? Just this year the 12th Man has broken a couple Guinness World Records for fan generated earthquakes and noise levels reaching up to 136.7 decibels according to staff with the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. However, It’s not just the fans, check out this creative stunt by Russell Investments downtown Seattle!


PicMonkey CollageSpecial Promotion: Win a FREE month on PlaceFull

If you are not from or live in the state of Washington, you probably aren’t all that excited about the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl. If you are excited, that’s fantastic! If you’re not, we over at PlaceFull want to make sure you have something to celebrate this month besides Valentines Day! We are offering a special 12th man promotion for the month of February. Here’s how it works…

Any PlaceFull merchant with at least 12 paid bookings (must involve a credit card transaction) for the month of February will have next month’s (March 2014) licensing fee waived ($39.95 value) on PlaceFull! Even more, the merchant with the most paid bookings for the month of February (2014) will get their business name featured on our homepage for 12 weeks and receive a special gift from the PlaceFull team! 

See the 2014 12th Man Promotion Winners

What are you waiting for…? Start creating and editing your listings! Little hint.. more listings increase the opportunity for bookings. Get the word out about your different online booking options. Below are a couple pointers to nudge you in the right directions.

  • Tell friends and family to book online
  • Promote your listings on Facebook & Twitter – use hashtag #12thmanbookings
  • Send an email to your customers about your upcoming camps, parties and events
  • Create promo codes to incentivize customers to book

PlaceFull Team PictureWe are fun, but not as crazy!

If you have questions about this short-term promotion, please email If you need help creating or editing listings don’t hesitate to reach out to Best of luck to everyone! #12thmanbookings

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