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The New PlaceFull Mobile App is Live

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PlaceFull now has a mobile app available for FREE DOWNLOAD to all our existing merchants. This mobile app is available now for iPhone users on the iTunes App store. Download now and start experiencing the benefits of PlaceFull “On the Go.” One feature worth highlighting is the ability to charge customers directly from your phone with a credit card reader (think something similar to Square). Contact us to get your card reader today.

How do I download the app on my iPhone?

1. Open the “App Store” on your iPhone


2. Type “PlaceFull” into the search bar & click download

3. Open the app from your phone and sign in using your PlaceFull username and password

4. You can instantly view your dashboard, bookings and revenue

Tip: Use the scroll arrows to view upcoming or past bookings

screenshot-1-3.5 (1).jpg








5. Get more details on your bookings

Tip: Click the navigation symbol in the top left corner to access the bookings tab. Clicking anywhere on a booking will give you access to customer information (name, email, phone number, payment type etc).











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