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Learn How to Sort Your PlaceFull Listings

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It’s now possible to sort your PlaceFull listings on your website. Here are a few common ways to sort them: price, category (camps, classes or parties), popularity, or however you want to. Sorting your listings is easy and should only take a couple minutes. Let me walk you through it.

How to sort your PlaceFull listings?

1. Login to your PlaceFull account

2. Click the “Listings” link at the top of your dashboard navigation

3. Start dragging and dropping your active listings

Locate the red ovals in the screenshot below. Next, determine what listing you would like to sort. After you have located the listing(s), click the circle with the arrow in it to the left of the listing. Now drag ‘n’ drop the listing. It’s important to note that the listings are displayed on your website in the same order they are arranged in your dashboard.

sorting your PlaceFull listings

Thanks for reading the post! As always if you are having any difficulties, please send us an email or give us a call 206-624-0295. We are here to help. Happy Bookings!

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