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The New Way to Embed Your Listings


Get excited, It’s here: there is a new way to embed your listings on your website. Both the “Single Listing” view and the “All Listing” view still exist. Nothing has changed there. However, we’ve added a third way to embed your listings, and we are calling it “Event Calendar” listing view. This view makes it easier for your customers to determine what events are scheduled on a specific day. This feature request has been brought to our attention several of times over the last couple months.

Here’s how it will speed up the booking process for your customers. Lets say a customer knows they want to do an activity at your business on May 21st, Since the date is already determined, the event calendar allows them to easily filter through the listings that are only scheduled for that day!

If you are a currently using PlaceFull and want to add this calendar view, you will need to delete the old javascript code from your website and add the new code. Let’s jump into the changes and how to get started.

Single Listing View

Online BookingList View of All Listing

Online Booking“New” Event Calendar View

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 10.42.33 PM.jpgHow to embed the calendar view on your website

1. login to your PlaceFull account

2. Click the “Publish” tab on the top of the dashboard navigation

3. Add the javascript code under “Calendar” to the page you want your listing to be on.

Don’t forget to delete the old javascript code on your site first.

embed your listings

That’s it! As always if you want us to help you make the change, please send us an email or give us a call 206-624-0295. We are here to help!

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