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How to Add a “New User” to your PlaceFull Account

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We center our attention around three keywords at PlaceFullCreate, Publish, and Run. The “New User” feature focuses on making it easy for you to run your business.  More recently, we learned that several merchants would benefit from hiding certain features and information (banking details) in their PlaceFull account. You can now assign 5 “New Users” to your account, with varying permission levels.

The three different user permissions levels are: Staff, Manager, and Location Admin

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.58.50 AM

In less than a minute, you can learn how to add a new user to your account. I just want to point out, there is no audio in the video below, it’s just at simple screencast to guide you through the steps.

For those of you that prefer a step-by-step approach…

Step 1: Login in to your PlaceFull account

Step 2: Select “My Account” under the drop down in the top right corner of your dashboard

Step 3: Click “Users” icon

Step 4: Click “Create User”

Step 5: Enter information and click “Save”

The new user will be required to activate their account and enter a password. If you have any questions about adding a new user, feel free to contact us at

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