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3 New Changes you Should be Aware of

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Today we are excited to announce 3 new changes to PlaceFull’s online booking and scheduling service. I’ll also explain a couple new features we are launching soon. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Change 1: New Payment Schedule

In the past, merchant payments were sent out twice a week. Your business will now receive payments every day, excluding holidays. If you are looking for a breakdown of your deposit history, log in to your PlaceFull account and click “My Account.” Then click the “Deposits” icon at the top of your dashboard. Under the heading, “Deposit History,” you’ll see a list of deposits. Click the green plus sign to expand and view details of each deposit.

Change 2: New Listing Layout

The goal was to make the booking process easier and more user friendly for your customers.  The new design (below) is more intuitive than ever. Visit your website to see the beautiful changes!

New Listing Layout

Photo credit: The Painted Pot

Change 3: Marketplace Redesign

We also made some subtle changes to the PlaceFull Marketplace. Go see it for yourself and while you’re there, take a peek at your listings.

PlaceFull Marketplace

What’s coming next?

There are two really exciting features coming to PlaceFull.

  • Shopping Cart
  • Customizable Fields

Since the shopping cart feature is pretty self-explanatory, thanks to Amazon, let me explain the latter. The new customizable feature will allow you to require certain pieces of information from your customers before they book or schedule an appointment with your business. Today, all these fields are preset, but soon, you’ll have full control.

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