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4 Key Questions to Ask About Your Website


The internet seems to be more and more ubiquitous. Mobile phones, wearable devices (Google Glass), and even Google’s self-driving cars are now part of the new age of technology connecting us to the internet. For consumers, this is creating new expectations to do everything online in real time. If they can’t complete a transaction online with a business they will go somewhere else. Your business has to be available and accessible to do more business night and day.

It’s critical that your web presence is optimized for all the ways consumers access your business.

Is Your Website Performing?

1. Is your website up-to-date? Just like the fashion industry, website styles change. These days, designs are less cluttered and more focused. Companies no longer stuff the homepage with paragraphs of text about their services or products. The emphasis is on immediately engaging the visitor and making it easy for them to find what they are looking for.

Need some design inspiration? Check out Airbnb and Apple.

2. Does your website display properly on smartphones and tablets? Check your site’s responsiveness by accessing it on your smartphone or tablet. Is it a miniature, unreadable version of the site? If so, it’s unresponsive. With mobile internet access nearly outpacing PC-based access, a website must be able to identify its access device and display accordingly. Otherwise, you may drive away a substantial number of site visitors. Google is also working on ways to measure responsiveness, and if your site is not responsive, you may get a lower search ranking, meaning you may not get as much traffic to your website or business.

Not sure if your website is responsive? You can run a test here.

3. How fast are visitors leaving your site? Bounce rate designates the number of site visitors who arrive on a webpage and then exit without further site interaction. It means the visitor did not connect with what they were looking for. Navigation, images, and content were likely not simple or relevant enough to the searcher’s intent. If you want to look at the performance of your site and get an indication of people leaving your site, Google Analytics provides stats on your site performance.

Get started with Google Analytics. It’s free!

4. Are your photos worth staring? Grabbing attention or eyeballs is key to the success of your site to increase traffic and interest. Today’s online universe abounds with compelling graphics, photographs, videos, infographics, and more. A homepage or landing page has just two to three seconds to capture the visitor’s attention, and nothing does it like visual media.

If you need website feedback, give a try.

When you take stock of your website, remember to view it from the perspective of a site visitor, someone who may know nothing about your company, products, or services. And above all else, be humble and open to design changes and enhancements.

If the answer to any of the above questions is “No,” it may be time to consider a website redesign. Email Ben to get a free estimate. We look forward to making your new website pop.

2 thoughts on “4 Key Questions to Ask About Your Website

  1. So true! Nice read, gives me something to think about!

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