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Taxes, Advanced Reporting And Copy Listings All New Features

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At any point, if you are confused about a feature, please feel free to email Ben or me (Adam). We’d love to help. It’s important to our entire team that you feel confident utilizing new features – quickly. In the end, we create them to make it easier for you to run your business with PlaceFull. When you’re happy, we’re happy!

3 new features on PlaceFull

Before we start exploring the newest features, let’s recap the features that went live last month. First off, we released a shopping cart, which makes it easier for your customers to book multiple listings at once. Secondly, we created the ability to add notes to individual bookings. Now, instead of writing down important information about your customer on a piece of paper, just add it to the booking. Lastly, you can now ask your customers custom questions at checkout. To locate this feature, click on “My Account” and then click the “Settings” icon.

1. Copy a Listing

We’ve learned that many elements of a listing stay consistent. It doesn’t make sense to start from scratch every time. Who has time for that? We know you don’t. And it’s no secret that more listings equals more bookings. This new feature makes listing creation quicker and more intuitive.

Getting Started…

Click the “Copy” button under the listing you’d like to duplicate. You’ll instantly notice that the copied version of your listing will appear under your “INACTIVE” tab titled “Copy”. Now visit the editor to change things like pictures, pricing, and description to make it more relevant to the activity or event.

copy a PlaceFull listing

2. Advanced Reporting

Which events are having the most impact on my business? How much revenue has my party listing generated? Who has registered for my summer camps? Can I see a breakdown of all my bookings by customers? Can I quickly look up a customer by name? Yes, yes, yes, yes and of course! The advanced reporting tab answers all these questions and then some.

Your basic performance metrics still exist in your PlaceFull dashboard. Remember, these metrics are only a snapshot of your success with online booking. We hope these metrics lead to further investigation about your customers – this is where the new advanced reporting option comes into play.

Getting Started…

After logging in, you’ll see a new reporting tab at the top of your dashboard. Go for it, click on it! Now click some of the down arrows and start exporting meaningful data about your customers. How exciting is this…? This is how excited we were on the marketing team when it went live. Ok, we didn’t spazz out, but we did sprint a lap around the office.

New PlaceFull Reporting

3. Taxes

Wouldn’t it be nice to add taxes to your PlaceFull listings instead of using your TI-83 Plus? Well, now you can with just a few clicks. You don’t even have to do the math.

Getting Started…

Step 1: Visit the “My Account” tab under the dropdown. Choose the “Business” icon and scroll down to enter your Business Tax Rate. Don’t forget to hit save.

New Feature - PlaceFull

Step 2: Now just apply the tax rate to each listing. Click edit under the first listing you’d like to apply taxes to. Click the green edit button above pricing on the preview page. Now you should see the screenshot below. Click “Yes” in the dropdown – hit save. The taxes will be applied to the checkout page. Just to be clear, you’re not required to add a tax rate to your listings.

Pro Tip: If you apply taxes to a listing with add-ons, the add-ons will be taxed as well.

New Tax Feature - PlaceFull

Please spend some time exploring these new features in your dashboard. If any questions arise along the way, please, please, please email us or leave a comment below.

Don’t leave yet, see what’s coming next…

  • Image-based calendar – stay in the loop about this feature by filling out this form
  • is receiving a redesign
  • “Book Now” button for all merchants in Bing

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