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How the New Image-Based Calendar View Works

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There is a third way to embed your PlaceFull listings on your website and Facebook page. And we are calling it “Calendar View.” This feature is included in your monthly subscription fee. Big thanks to all the merchants who offered their opinions on this feature. We couldn’t have done it without your support. Thumbs up, let’s do this.

This view makes it easier for your customer to discover and book all your listings in one place. Whether visitors started their search on your website, Google, Facebook, or were referred by a friend, they are often looking for things to do at your business. The calendar view solves for this constant discover intent.

Always on our phones

Before we discuss how to get started with the new calendar view, let’s first discuss the two other ways to embed your listings on your website. From here, you can determine how you ‘d like to showcase your listings.

What is a listing? A listing is an activity or event your business offers. For example, you can create listings for parties, classes, camps, drop-ins, workshops, holiday events, and more. If it has an availability and a price, you can create a listing for it.

Ok, now that it’s clear what a listing is, let’s run through the older ways to embed your listings on your website. These older options are still available today.

The first listing option is called “List View”

This view is great if you’d like to show your customers a vertical view of all your activities and events on one page.

List View

The second listing option is called “Single Listing View”

This view drives consumers right into the details of your listing. This view is great if you only want to list one type of activity or event. For example, if you only have one party option, this embed makes more sense.

New Booking Calendar

The third and final option is the new “Calendar View”

Ready to see it? Drum roll, please… We are excited to present: The new image-based calendar! What do you think? Do you love it? Is it what you expected?

Calendar View


See Also: [Webinar Recording] Image Based Booking Calendar 

You’ll quickly notice that you can add multiple listings (with images), short titles, pricing, times, and even add text using the new notes field on your PlaceFull calendar. We don’t recommend adding more than two listings per day, otherwise your calendar will take forever to load and even worse, look all stretched out. Lastly, we even show when a listing is sold out. See February 7th above for an example.

Just to reiterate, many customers land on your website with the intention of looking for things to do at your business. For example,

“I wonder what types of activities this business offers?”
“What types of events do they have on weekends?”
“What types of activities do they offer on Tuesday at 5pm?

And many more…these people aren’t exactly sure what they want, they are hoping something catches their eye. You’ll also have a portion of your customers that are time and date sensitive. For example, a mom wants to throw a birthday party on March 4th at 1pm. This is a constrained intent, however, the calendar view also solves for this intent.

Pro tip: We don’t recommend listing events that are bookable every day. Weekly is ok, but not every day. For example, if you offer parties Monday through Sunday, and you add these parties to your calendar, you’ll have 30 images show up, taking up a lot of space.

After a customer clicks on the image, it will give them more details and allow them to book instantly from your website. In the end, this calendar view makes it easy for you to display events, and it drastically speeds up the search to book process for your customers, reducing bounce rates and calls.

How to get started with the new calendar feature

There are just three steps to go live. If you are an existing PlaceFull merchant, you may want to remove the old embed code from your website. The situation depends on what you want to list where.

Step 1: Add an Event Calendar page to your website.

Login to your website builder and create a new page titled “Event Calendar.”

Step 2: Add code to your site.

Log in to your PlaceFull dashboard and click the “Publish” link in the top navigation. Scroll down and copy the code.

Now add this script to your Event Calendar page you just created in your website builder.

Copy Code in Dashboard

Step 3: Pick listings you’d like to show up on the calendar.

Head over to your “Listing” page in your PlaceFull dashboard and select the listings you’d like to show up on your Event Calendar page. Select the publish button and select “Monthly Calendar View.” Repeat for each listing you’d like to show up on your calendar.

Publish listings to your calendar

If you’d like a more in-depth tutorial, feel free to head over to our knowledge base. If you have any further questions, please comment below.

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