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Microsoft Bing Adds “Book it” Button for PlaceFull Merchants

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We are excited to announce our partnership with Microsoft Bing. This partnership aims to help small business owners get booked directly in search results.

Similar to the “Order Online” button, the new “Book it” button will be displayed in Bing’s search results – giving searchers a clear call to action to book. After clicked, the book it button will direct consumers to a custom booking page, powered by PlaceFull. From here, consumers can book activities and events on their own schedule.

Take it for a test ride…

The button will appear when a searcher queries a local business. Go to and type the full name of a business followed by the city the business is located in. For example, I just typed in “Paint Away Redmond ” which displays their new “Book it” button in Bing’s snapshot bar.

Book it Button

This helps merchants get booked by aligning searcher intent with a common desire – booking an activity or event. This is a big deal for both merchants and consumers because it removes a step in the booking process; therefore increasing the probability for a completed transaction. For merchant customers they experience immediate gratification. When they find a place they want do business they can book online on the spot.

Ryan Hamlin, CEO –  PlaceFull

Among the businesses that will benefit are: Art StudiosPottery Studios, Batting Cages, Laser Tag Places, Paintball Places, Gymnastics Facilities, Bowling Alleys, Go-Kart Tracks, Zip Line Courses, Photography Studios and Wineries. If your business is currently using PlaceFull’s online booking software we highly encourage you to make sure your listing are up to date so your customers are seeing accurate information. Lastly, if you haven’t done so already, we recommend signing up with Bing Places to better your search visibility.

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