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Hands on Pottery – A Case Study

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Female Potter creating a bowl on a Potters wheel, the master potter helping her

Back in ancient times, potters handmade each piece of pottery using the coiling method. Can you imagine the time it took? Fast forward to the modern methods of today and the progress in technology. Today, artists can create more advanced designs, more precisely, and with less time.

For Michele Thara, owner of Hands On pottery, this is exactly what PlaceFull has done to help her manage her thriving studio.

Case Study Graphic - Hands On PotteryTestimonial

We have had nothing but a wonderful experience with PlaceFull! After the free trial, we were hooked. I love the auto pay that is set up at the time of the trial period; I never have to worry about a bill & our funds are placed in our account in a timely manner.

Placefull has helped our sales double while we have been their customer in the last year!! A lot of our customers have odd work hours and the options that are available to our customers have made it very easy for them to “shop” after hours. They are able to purchase certificates, book parties, and can even sign up for classes and type in who they would like to be seated with while checking out. Placefull has saved us so much time & money! They are our least expensive employee!

One of my favorite options is their Interactive Facebook calendar where I can advertise classes with one click using the share option that allows us to share on local Facebook pages and our business page as well. They are currently creating a website for our business and have been very patient as I am not a computer literate person! To top it off the customer service is impeccable. I can’t imagine our business with out them!

-Michele Thara- Owner, Hands On Pottery

About Hands On Pottery

Hands On Pottery is a thriving ceramics studio located in the town of Gillete, Wyoming. In May of 2012, Michele Thara decided to follow her passion and open a place where community members could come enjoy the world of paint-you-own pottery. With over 3,800 Facebook followers, Michelle stays busy at the studio and enjoys every moment.
Check out the Hands on Pottery Facebook Page where you can view their listings and book directly on the page using PlaceFull’s Interactive Calendar.

Like what you’ve seen? Click here and schedule a personal tour of our platform. We’ll walk you through what PlaceFull can do for your business, and get you started with a free 14 day trial.

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