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Triple O Lazer Tag—A Case Study

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Triple O Lazer Tag is a mobile laser tag business with portable arenas and advanced interactive indoor and outdoor laser tag equipment. Owner, Jeremy Hamilton, has always enjoyed the game, starting his business as a weekend hobby. Triple O Lazer Tag brings the party wherever they go, and PlaceFull’s online booking solution has made it easier while tripling party reservations over the past 2 months. 

  • Saves Employees’ Time – less phone calls and paperwork
  • Automates Processes – payments, calendar, schedule, email campaigns
  • Creates Business Stability – less cancellations, more bookings

Testimonial from Owner Jeremy Hamilton

“Over the summer months, I was averaging about a party a month. All of my reservations were taken over the phone, it was a manual process where I had to write everything down and take credit card payments myself. Over the past couple months I’ve gotten 7 bookings. PlaceFull has automated my process, created more stability for my business, and reduced cancellations. I also like having my party schedule and calendar created for me, plus it’s convenient that email confirmations are automatically sent to customers. The PlaceFull customer service has been awesome, great spirit, they are always in contact and there to help out.”

Snapshot of Early Success: 3X More Monthly Bookings 

Online Booking Success - Triple O Lazer Tag

About Triple O Laser Tag

Triple O Lazer Tag is a mobile laser tag business located in Moreno Valley that serves the Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties. They bring the party to you with portable areas and outdoor laser tag equipment. Their advanced gear allows parties to happen day or night, indoor our outdoor. Check out their Facebook or Website where you can book your party today.Laser Tag Online Reservations

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