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Bringing Bowling to the Masses

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Over the years, bowling alleys have evolved into full-blown “fun for all” entertainment centers. They are now attracting a new crowd with things like full-dining, pool tables, and cocktail lounges, and using technology like online reservation software to rapidly grow their revenue.

Back in the 1960s during its growth peak, interest in bowling was predominately league play which brought in 70% of revenue according to a study from White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group in Kansas City. Over the years, league play has decreased – a decline that is now being counteracted by an increase in recreational play.

The new crowd may not be joining leagues, but the target market is expanding to include a much wider demographic range, with bowling centers becoming a hotspot for happy hours, birthday parties, team building events, and more.

HiLine Lanes, located in Burien, WA, has implemented online reservation software and embraced this shift towards entertainment by offering dining, happy hour, an arcade, and air hockey.

“HiLine Lanes is my favorite happy hour spot. Why go to a normal bar when you can reserve your spot online, go have a beer, and enjoy some bowling action?” said Brandon Thompson, a 28 year old young professional.

As bowling centers start to attract a wider target market, online reservation software is helping them manage a wide range of parties, events, and activities.

In the example below, you can see how it is easier than ever for consumers to book something like a birthday party online. Online reservation software allows the consumer to book 24 hours a day, and automatically manages the bowling alley’s resources. In addition to date and time, customers can select their preferred party room, additional shoes, and more. Their time slot, date, room, and equipment are instantly blocked from the bowling alley’s calendar as soon as their payment is processed.

Bowling Birthday Screenshot

As  recreational interests have evolved over the years, bowling alleys have adapted by offering a wider range of activities and events. Technological innovations like online reservation software have made it easier than ever for the consumer to reserve online, while simultaneously helping bowling centers manage their business and enter the new “fun for all” market.

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