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Do you have a pager on your website?

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Contact-Us Forms
Because that’s essentially what a Contact Us form is…

Consumers don’t want to fill out a contact us form and wait for a response anymore – they want it done and they want it done now. Do you want to wait for someone to respond to your page request? Didn’t think so…

It’s no secret that consumers are growing increasingly tech-savvy and they expect the companies they interact with to epagermbrace technology as well. In a recent online survey, 70% of consumers said they expect a company website to include a self-service application.

Self-service tools such as online booking have seen exponential growth over the past few years and have quickly become the new norm. In a recent survey by Nuance Enterprise, 67% of respondents said they preferred self-service over talking to a company representative.

With 97% of users leaving websites without filling them out, the Contact Us form has become a hurdle to the actual transaction, and is seen as an inconvenience by the consumer. The numbers clearly show that consumers are more likely to book with a business if they can confirm the booking online immediately instead of waiting to be contacted.

According to Forbes, the new generation of millennials not only expect, but demand self-service options.

“Building the right experience for this new generation of customers requires you to think hard about an uncomfortable subject: where human employees are helpful to customers, and where they just get in the way. Today’s customers often do want you out of the way.”

Out of the way? Ouch. But when you really think about it, the self-service trend  is a win-win for both parties. Tools like online booking allow consumers to enjoy the convenience of instant gratification while the business owner no longer has to keep up with inquiries and spend countless hours playing phone tag – or answering pagers, for that matter.

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