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Software for Small Businesses: Depth vs. Breadth

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Whether you are shopping for small business software or developing it, there are thousands of choices in the market. Historically, Software as a Service (SaaS) was built one of two ways – as an industry specific depth solution or a more general breadth solution. As expected, the SaaS industry has evolved and with that there has been an emergence of a new kind of software – the hybrid solution.Breadth FeaturesApply to All

Hybrid solutions are disrupting the small business SaaS space and being built to serve the larger target market. These solutions include key depth features that are flexible and sufficient to meet the needs of the small business demographic and provide many other benefits that position them as the smartest and most economical choice in the market.

The PlaceFull team decided to tackle this topic in-depth and developed an easy to read white-paper to explain the emergence of hybrid software solutions for small businesses, why it is happening, and what it means for the industry. Click here to check it out, we hope you enjoy the read!

Download the Study

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