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Why advertise with Facebook?

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In today’s social media driven world, any business, no matter the size can benefit from using Facebook advertising to grow their business. Their ads are great because they are facebook_logo_detailcustomizable, highly targeted, and the best part, they are inexpensive!

Every business is different and therefore has different advertising needs. Facebook offers highly tailored ad options depending on what you want your ad to accomplish.

Trying to drive up website traffic?#2

  • There is an option for that, Facebook lets you link your website into the ads call to action button.

Want to increase bookings for an event?

  • Facebook links directly to your booking page and can even report how many bookings your ad received.

The possibilities are endless!

The second benefit of Facebook ad’s is targeting. Facebook allows you to choose custom audiences from your customer email list and create lookalike audiences of Facebook users who share traits with your mailing lists.#5

You can also target a generic demographic by:

  • Age
  • Gende
  • Physical location

For example:

If you’re promoting a ladies night out event with wine and entertainment, you can target your demographic for women over the age of 21 and within 10 miles of your business.


#7We’ve saved the best for last, Facebook ads are inexpensive! You can set daily or total budget limits to make sure your ad will always stay within your price range. They are affordable for the smallest of Mom and Pop shops to the biggest Fortune 500 companies. Being able to control the costs of your advertising allows your business to get the highest return on investment possible.

Many times small businesses don’t have access to the advertising power that large companies have. This is not the case with Facebook ad’s which is why they are such a valuable marketing tool for all companies. So don’t miss out on reaching more of your potential customers.


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