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Throwback Thursday – Adding Your Calendar to Facebook

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On today’s Throwback Thursday we are bringing it back to one of our original Facebook integration features. Integrating your event calendar to Facebook is a great tool to give your social media followers an idea of your upcoming events. They can even book directly from the calendar, no website required.

Below is a quick walk through of how you can get your calendar integrated to Facebook.

1. Go to Facebook and download the Static HTML app Here and add this to your business’s Facebook page.


2.Go to settings and choose the “Apps” menu. Click on “Edit Settings” under the Static HTML App. Then change the tab name to “Event Calendar” , save and close this tab.


3. Go to manage tabs and move the “Event Calendar” to the top ( or wherever you would like it)

4. Copy HTML from PlaceFull. You can find this bygoing to the “Publish” tab and scrolling down to under the “Calendar View” box.


5. Go to the “Event Calendar” tab in your Facebook page. Then click the green “Edit” button. There you will find the box to paste the HTML code you just copied from your PlaceFull Dashboard.


6. Paste in HTML box on Facebook.


7. Publish by clicking “Upload Image”. NOTE: You do not need to purchase premium, if you are prompted to do so simply click the red “Done” option.

At PlaceFull we understand that not everyone is a tech wizard, so if setting this feature up on your own takes you any longer than 10-15 minutes, give our help desk a call at (206)-552-1177  and we will be happy to set it up for you.


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